Y.K. Kim

Create a successful future with the 5 Pillars of True Success!

  1. Create a SMART BODY
  2. Create a SMART MIND
  3. Create a SMART HEART
  5. Create a SMART LIFE

You can do anything you set your mind to do.

Success is your choice!

Successful people think and act differently, so they can maximize their potential. Therefore, they become successful and motivate the people around them to higher levels of performance. Walk with me as I describe to your team the three different classes of people in our society, and how they can develop the highest class of character. When you have more high class people in your organization, your organization will be stronger and more successful. I will show each member of your team how to think and act like successful people to Create a winning future for themselves and for your organization.

Be a Leader not a Follower!

A New Concept of True Success: Be rich and happy! Modern leaders focus on values and let money follow them, so they become rich and happy. Followers chase money but can’t catch it, so they remain poor and have painful lives. Professionally: Modern leaders have exceptional vision, so they can lead a small organization to a nation successfully. Followers are near sighted, so they act only on their feelings, which can destroy themselves and their organization. I will show you and your team how to let money follow you, so you can be rich and happy. With modern leadership you can create an amazing future for your organization.

It’s absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively transform your life!

Peter Lowe, CEO of Get Motivated business seminars

Absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively revolutionize your life!

Dong Young Chung, Secretary of Unification of Korea

I’ve never encountered anyone with as much dedication and dynamic presence as Grandmaster Y.K. KIM. His desire to improve the world is staggering.

Evan Husney, Producer, VICE Media