Y.K. Kim

Motivate your Organization

with Modern Educator & Bestselling Author 

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim

Motivational Seminar: 

  • Motivate your staff to be better team players!
  • Boost individual performance by knocking out stress!
  • Increase productivity with better communication!
  • Improve attendance through better health!
  • Maximize your organizational goals!


There is no one quite like Y.K. Kim:

Your staff will take a mini-vacation in this fun, exciting, meaningful, and life-changing

experience. It is the best investment for the future of your organization.   

Success is Your Choice!


  • Four simple ways to be healthy
  • The 9 steps to be wealthy
  • The 7 easy ways to be happy

Create a successful future!

Transform your life

with modern coach and professional advisor

Grandmaster Y. K. KIM


     The best athletes in the world cannot see their backs; that’s why they need coaches to become better players. Even the most powerful person on earth, the president of the United States, doesn’t know everything. That’s why he needs advisors to lead the nation better.

   No matter how intelligent or powerful you are, you need personal coaches and professional advisors—and we all need friends to help each other live better lives.

   Please allow me to be your best friend, personal coach, and professional advisor. I want you to be my best friend, too. Being my best friend requires two things: Commitment and never give in until you achieve your goals. You must help other people as a personal coach and professional advisor as well, and always open your mind and realize that one minor piece of advice from me can change the rest of your life personally, socially and professionally.


It’s absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively transform your life!

Peter Lowe, CEO of Get Motivated business seminars

Absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively revolutionize your life!

Dong Young Chung, Secretary of Unification of Korea

I’ve never encountered anyone with as much dedication and dynamic presence as Grandmaster Y.K. KIM. His desire to improve the world is staggering.

Evan Husney, Producer, VICE Media