Y.K. Kim

Modern Success!

Modern educator Grandmaster Y.K. Kim will show you how to combine Eastern and Western culture to develop a Successful Mindset

How to create Physical Fitness to be healthier and stronger.
How to create Mental Fitness to be street smart.
How to create Moral Fitness to be more self-confident.
How to create Financial Fitness to be rich and happy.
How to create Life Fitness to be a winner.

Create a successful future!

Modern Leadership!

Contemporary philosopher Grandmaster Y.K. Kim will evaluate the 7 Kinds of Leadership and show you how to become a modern leader.

How to be a self-leader to Earn personal freedom.
How to be an attractive leader to Inspire other people to like you.
How to be a necessary leader to Make other people need you.
How to be a network leader to Build reliable relationships.
How to be a corporate leader to Create a competitive organization.
How to be a public leader to Transform your society.
How to be a global leader to Change the world.

Create a successful life!

Modern Motivation

Master motivator Grandmaster Y.K. Kim will coach your team to success by maximizing their potential to achieve your organizational goals.

How to change a poor mindset into a Successful Mindset.
How everyone can develop Modern Leadership.
How different roles create a Winning Team.
How winning teams Create Success.

It’s absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively transform your life!

Peter Lowe, CEO of Get Motivated business seminars

Absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively revolutionize your life!

Dong Young Chung, Secretary of Unification of Korea

I’ve never encountered anyone with as much dedication and dynamic presence as Grandmaster Y.K. KIM. His desire to improve the world is staggering.

Evan Husney, Producer, VICE Media