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The 5 Pillars of True Success

For the past 39 years I have loved researching and writing a NEW concept of true success that is based on HARMONY and BALANCE.

No matter how intelligent or powerful you are, you need personal coaches and professional advisors, and we all need friends to help each other live better lives.

Please allow me to be your best friend, personal coach, and professional advisor. You will discover the #1 secret for true success in this book.

Always open your mind and realize that one minor piece of advice from this book can change the rest of your life, transform your society, and make the world better place to live.

Order this book now and please walk with me: Your journey to true success begins now. You will have an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

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The 5 Pillars of True Success” is just what the doctor ordered for healthy living.

Jerry Demings, Sheriff, Orange County, Florida

I’ve known Y.K. Kim for 20 years, and I know he has lived the principles in his book, The 5 Pillars of True Success.

Bob Opsahl, News Anchor, ABC affiliate WFTV

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Who is Y.K. Kim

Modern philosopher and
chairman & founder of Martial Arts World

The 5 Pillars of True Success: This inspiring book explains that success is not an accident or dependent upon luck, and we are not locked into misfortune or circumstances beyond our control. This book is for everyone, young and old, and will build self-confidence, improve relationships with others, and result in positive life changes.

William L. Whitacre, JD Entertainment Attorney

I’ve never encountered anyone with as much dedication and dynamic presence as Grandmaster Y.K. KIM. His desire to improve the world is staggering.

Evan Husney, Producer, VICE Media

The 5 Pillars of True Success that Grandmaster Y.K. Kim wrote is well written and easy to understand as it breaks down and helps you with physical, mental, moral, financial, and overall life success!

Joey Fatone, actor, singer, boy band idol, and television star

The 5 Pillars of True Success challenges you to re-invent yourself to become mentally, physically, and financially healthier.

Jim Coover, Chairman of Isogenics

Absolutely incredible. Everyone needs The 5 Pillars of True Success. It will positively revolutionize your life!

Dong Young Chung, Secretary of Unification of Korea (R)

The 5 Pillars of True Success, a new concept of true success and a new global culture, is the best gift for all citizens of the world.

Byoung Gug Choung, Assembly man and Secretary of Culture of Korea