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The 5 Pillars of True Success


Do you want to have a truly successful life: Health, Wealth, and Happiness?
I am sure your answer is “Yes!” The 5 Pillars will be your best friend.

Please walk with me: Your journey to super success begins now. You will have an unforgettable, life-changing experience!

True Success requires The 5 Pillars:

First, you must have a healthy and strong body, so you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Second, you must be positive and genius, so you can be whatever want to be.

Third, you must have a strong foundation for success, so even if you fall down 99 times, you can get back up right away 100 times.

Fourth, Your must have financial freedom, so you can have what you want to have.

Five, you must have modern leadership so you can achieve your dreams.

This book will show you an easy and fun way to build
The 5 Pillars, so you can create a successful future.

As a bonus, the 5 Powers of Self-defense will protect your life and the Top 10 Successful Habits will modernize your life!

The 5 Pillars will transform your life, revolutionize our society, and together we can change the world to make it a better place to live!

Success is Your Choice!
Maximize your Potential!

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The 5 Pillars of True Success” is just what the doctor ordered for healthy living.

Jerry Demings, Mayor of Orange County, Florida

In this thoughtful, inspiring book, The 5 Pillars of True Success, Y.K. Kim offers insightful motivational strategies for the present times.

George Allen, U.S. senator and governor of Virginia

I’ve known Y.K. Kim for 20 years, and I know he has lived the principles in his book, The 5 Pillars of True Success.

Bob Opsahl, News Anchor, ABC affiliate WFTV

What a phenomenal read. I couldn’t wait for the next page.

Bob Vander Weide, President / CEO Orlando Magic

The 5 Pillars of True Success is full of passion. It is timely and appropriate for America today.

Dr. Un Yong Kim, Vice-President. International Olympic Committee

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The 5 Pillars of True Success that Grandmaster Y.K. Kim wrote is well written and easy to understand as it breaks down and helps you with physical, mental, moral, financial, and overall life success!

Joey Fatone, actor, singer, boy band idol, and television star

The 5 Pillars of True Success, a new concept of true success and a new global culture, is the best gift for all citizens of the world.

Byoung Gug Choung, Assembly man and Secretary of Culture of Korea

I have personally known Y.K. Kim for 20+ years. If you are searching for a road map for your life, and if you want to make a difference and change your world, please read The 5 Pillars of True Success. This book will give you fresh insight.

Sara Trollinger, Founder/President of International House of Hope

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