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Orlando, FL - Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, founder of Martial Arts World, proudly introduces:

The NEW American Dream and U.S. National Exercise

The NEW American Dream provides mental exercises to create a new level of success.

U.S. National Exercise provides physical exercises you can do without spending any extra time.

It's amazing! You can exercise even while driving or sleeping.

Together they are the answer to our personal and national health crisis.

Every American needs The NEW American Dream & U.S. National Exercise.

Look at what is going on in the US today:

  1. 67% of Americans are suffering due to weight problems.
  2. 80% of Americans have back pain because of our unbalanced lifestyle.
  3. Modern stress is killing us through heart attacks, cancer, and some people even commit suicide.

Most people offer one of these three reasons why they won't exercise:

  1. No time to exercise because they are too busy.
  2. No place or no equipment to exercise.
  3. No desire to exercise because they lack motivation.

The NEW American Dream and U.S. National Exercise provide the answers America needs:

  1. You can exercise without spending any extra time.
  2. You don't need space or equipment, all you need is your body.
  3. Mental exercise will motivate you to enjoy physical exercise.

Together this dynamic duo supplies a unique solution that no single program can offer.

The NEW American Dream 5 CD set

U.S. National Exercise DVD

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