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Grandmaster Y.K. Kim
Martial Arts World
1630 East Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803 (USA)

Y. K. Kim Day proclaimed in Central Florida for his outstanding public service

Y. K. Kim receives Jefferson Award for helping unfortunate children

Real Life Stories

As a doctor in the ER, I had more than my share of stress, but the five kinds of fitness have relieved my stress and now I go to work stress-free and full of energy. The 5 kinds of fitness totally changed my life. I lost 30 pounds and cut my financial liabilities out of my life, all thanks to Y.K. Kim.
-DR Ben English

I used to be miserable at 240 pounds. With the U.S. National Exercise and the 5 kinds of fitness, I've lost 105 pounds and developed enough confidence to become the CFO of my own successful business. The best part is that it's easy and fun and I love the results! thanks to Y.K. Kim.
-Susan Gross

I had racked up over $30,000 in credit card debt. I was suffocating and thought I'd suffer from financial pressure for the rest of my life. Once I learned how to use the system spelled out in the 7 steps to wealth I got rid of my financial fat and threw debt out of my life for good and finally I have started saving money. I know there are a lot of people like me, and I can tell you that the 5 kinds of fitness are the answer. Thanks to Y.K. Kim.
-Tanya Elenkiwich

I was fortunate to get a great education; I got a CPA and an MBA, plus, my wife and I both got our law degrees. But something was missing from my personal, business, and family life.

The 5 kinds of fitness changed my life because now I've lost 20 pounds and my business is absolutely booming, I have a personal life that anyone would envy, and now I've found TRUE happiness with my family. Let me tell you, I'm just so glad Y.K. Kim created the New American Dream.
-Bobby & Christine Hines

My back pain was so bad I couldn't even walk. The US National Exercise has given me my life back. I am now pain free and I feel like I'm 20 again!
-Courtney Hubley

I am a criminal defense attorney, and believe me, it's a high stress career. Thanks to Y.K. Kim I am now stress free and I've lost 55 pounds. Before, my doctor told me I was heading for a wheelchair, but now my back pain is gone. The 5 kinds of Fitness really work. I have even tripled my income.
-Roger Scott

As one of 16 children, sharing a single room with 8 brothers, I felt I was trapped with no hope of escaping a life of poverty. I was always afraid that I would end up living on the street. The 5 kinds of fitness destroyed my self-doubt and opened up my heart to believe in my winning future. I developed my moral fitness and now I am bursting with self-confidence, own a successful business, and true millionaire. The New American Dream transformed my life. Thanks to Y.K. Kim.-Michael Bugg

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Y. K. Kim named Honorary Deputy Sheriff fighting against drugs

Y. K. Kim named Ambassador at Large for promotion of the City of Orlando

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