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"Y.K. Kim- An Inspiration" Y.K. Kim has shown that the American Dream is still a reality.

Charley Reese
Orlando Sentinel Columnist National Sun Belt Syndicate

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"It is absolutely incredible. Everyone needs
The NEW American Dream.
It will positively transform your life!"
--Peter Lowe, CEO of Get Motivated business seminars

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"Now! Get in shape without extra time or space
Every American must use U.S National Exercise.
It’s amazing! you can even exercise while driving"

The NEW American Dream

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It’s absolutely incredible. Everyone needs
The NEW American Dream. It will transform your life
                         --Peter Lowe, CEO of Get Motivated business seminars

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U.S. National Exercise

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Now! Get in shape without extra time or space
Everyone must use U.S. National Exercise.
It’s amazing! You can exercise even while driving

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Bob Vander Weide

The NEW American Dream "What a phenomenal read. I couldn't wait for next page."
Bob Vander Weide President/CEO Orlando Magic

Dr. Un Yong Kim

"The NEW American Dream is full of passion. It is timely and appropriate for America today. "
Dr. Un Yong Kim Vice President of International Olympic Committee (R)

Senator George Allen

"In this thoughtful, inspiring book, Y.K. Kim offers insightful, motivational strategies for the present times."
Senator George Allen, Governor of VA (R)

Bob Opsahl

"I’ve known Y.K. Kim for 20 years and I know he has lived the principles in this book."
Bob Opsahl, ABC NEWS affiliate anchor

"It's Extremely unbelievable, everyone needs the NEW American Dream; It will positively revolutionize your life."
B.G. Choung Phd, Congressman of Korea

Jim Coover

"the NEW American Dream challenges you to re-invent yourself to become mentally, physically and financially healthier."
Jim Coover – President, Isagenix International

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