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For over 30 years, Grandmaster Y.K. Kim has coached hundreds of thousands of individuals with:

-Personal success
-Professional success
-Relationship success
-Business success

Now, his decades of invaluable research and experience will change your life with this groundbreaking modern philosophy.

The 5 Kinds of Fitness

will change your life!


Y. K. Kim Day proclaimed in Central Florida for his outstanding public service


Y. K. Kim receives Jefferson Award for helping unfortunate children

Coming Soon - Modern Philosophy That Will Change Your Life!

The 5 Kinds of Fitness - Preview:

Grandmaster Y. K. Kim proudly introduces the 5 Kinds of Fitness: A new way of life. It will transform people's lives, revolutionize our society and change the world!

CHAPTER 1: The 5 Different Classes Of People

There are 5 different classes of people in our society: "A", "B", "C", "D" or "E" Class. Do you know which one you are? The answer will change your life!


CHAPTER 2: The 5 Kinds Of Fitness

What is the most important thing in your life? Your Physical Fitness.

Why do intelligent people still do stupid things? No Mental Fitness.

What is the foundation of your life? Your Moral Fitness.

Why do 85% of people live paycheck to paycheck? No Financial Fitness.

What is the most powerful thing in your life? Your Life Fitness.

The 5 kinds of fitness bring harmony and balance to create your winning future:

health, wealth and happiness.


CHAPTER 3: The Top 10 Successful Habits

You are your habits. For some people, habits they develop as a 3 year old carry over to their entire lives unless they change them. That's why some adults have the habits of children. If you can change your habits, you can change your life. If you can change your life, you can change the world! Only you have the power and privilege to change your habits; nobody can do it for you. Successful people have successful habits.

The Top 10 Successful Habits will revolutionize your life!

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Y. K. Kim named Honorary Deputy Sheriff fighting against drugs

Y. K. Kim named Ambassador at Large for promotion of the City of Orlando


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